EV3 Fish Feeder aka ‘The Chef’

Not so long ago there was a time when everyone was out for vacation and no one was at home to feed the fish in the aquarium. Fortunately after coming back from the holidays the fish survived without a single meal for a couple of days. After that incident it got me thinking – why not build a robot with LEGO Mindstomrs that can feed the fish while we are away for vacation in the future ?

After fiddling with the idea for about 2 weeks, i came up with the EV3 fish feeding robot also known as “The Chef”. The Chef is a robot built to resemble a chef cooking a meal while actually serving the important task of feeding the fish.

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The robot is built using 1 set of LEGO Mindstorms EV3 31313 + 1 set of LEGO Technic Fire Plane 42040. This is my version of the robot remix started by the Mindstorms community a while ago. The robot consists of:

  •  1 EV3 brick
  •  1 EV3 medium motor for the feeding arm.
  • 1 EV3 large motor for the stirring arm to mimic cooking motion.
  •  1 EV3 large motor for positioning the shoulder light.
  •  1 EV3 IR sensor for activating chat function.
  •  1 EV3 touch sensor for starting the feed cycle.
  •  1 EV3 colour sensor for providing lighting during feeding.

The features of the EV3 fish feeder includes:

  • The ability to set how many times the robot will feed the fish in a day. (between 1-3 times a day)
  • Uses internal timer to calculate the feeding frequency over a 24-hr period and display a countdown timer until the next feeding cycle.
  • The ability to allow the user to bypass the remaining time till next feeding cycle and manually feed the fish by pressing the touch sensor.
  • Asks the user some food choice questions when the user waves his/her hand in front of the IR sensor.

Here’s a short video showing the robot in action:

You may find the LDD file & program by clicking on the links below,

LDD file: EV3 Fish Feeder.lxf

EV3 program file: EV3 Fish Feeder.ev3