EV3 Terran Siege Tank

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Terran Siege Tank
In the video game StarCraft 2, the Siege Tank provides the Terrans with mobile, long range firepower. The Siege Tank’s tank mode allows the shoot at a single target while maintaining its mobility; the siege mode transforms the tank into a stationary artillery platform with increased range and splash damage, which can outrange enemy defenses during a siege. When used in a defensive position, it can heavily damage enemy units before they get within range to attack your units and structures.
EV3 Terran Siege Tank
To recreate a fully functional scaled down version of the Terran Siege Tank, i decided to implement it with the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 platform. The Siege Tank can be remote controlled or it can run in autonomous mode. The features in the EV3 Siege Tank include:
•Fully functional tank treads that are independently driven by 1 servo motor each.
•Tank treads that can be opened into X pattern for siege mode transformation.
•Tank treads can be raised/lowered for siege mode transformation.
•Middle tank treads can be retracted for during siege mode transformation and extended during tank mode.
•Stabilizers that deploys automatically when transforming into siege mode.
•Turret that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise for approximately 90 degrees on both sides.
•Turret elevation.
•Gun extension for siege mode transformation.
•Gun that fires 2 LEGO projectiles.
Some statistics of the Siege Tank include:
•Made up of approximately 3000 parts.
•3 EV3 intelligent brick.
•11 motors including 2 large EV3 servo motors and 9 medium EV3 servo motors.
•1 Infrared sensor for remote control
•1 touch sensor for initiating and stopping the program.
•2 Infrared remote for remote controlling the tank.

Here’s a teaser video of my EV3 Terran Siege Tank.